Use of Facilities Information

Nelson County Public Schools is now handling Use of Facility Requests online and it is automated for your convenience. Should you have questions about this process, please contact Tammy Ponton, 434-260-7646, extension 1010 or Kallan Parsley, 434-996-1634.

  1. Please review the box entitled, "Use of Facilities Guidelines". This will give you information regarding the applicant's responsibility and our fee information.

  2. If you determine that you want to request the use of one of our school facilities, you will need to create an account to start the process. Please follow the instructions in the box entitled, "Start Here to Create an Account & Submit a Request".

  3. If you are a returning user, please follow the instructions in the box entitled, "Instructions for the Returning User".NN

Start Here To Create And Account & Submit A Request:

**** Before starting the process, please** REVIEW the “New User Introduction” first. This is informational. You will find basic user information here. (You will NOT be setting anything up here)

  1. Next, in order to request the use of any of our facilities, you need to sign on with a User ID and password to begin the process. Follow this link

  2. When you reach the sign-on screen, you have the option to “Create New Account (video)”. Please click the link to the “video”

  3. Next, you can return to the sign-on screen and click the “Create New Account”

  4. After creating your account, you are ready to add your group information. Please note that is where you will need to upload your insurance certificate. For help with this, please follow the following link for a helpful video

  5. Once your account is set up and your insurance certificate is uploaded, you will need to be approved by the system. Once you/your group is approved, you should be able to enter your request. Once inside the MLS software screen, look for “Requests” on the left sidebar. As you hover over this, the option “submit new request” will open up. Click on this option. Complete all of the fields on this screen. Once completed, press “view availability”. You will be able to see if the date(s) is (are) available for use. At this point, if you agree with all of the items on the screen, you will press continue.

  6. Next, you will be taken to a screen that will prompt you for the specifics of your request (event name, number of people attending, what type of NCPS personnel are needed, etc.). The responses you provide here will help us determine the charges for the facility request.

If you need any help with submitting a request, please follow this link

You will receive an email that says “Your request with NCPS has been submitted and is going through the necessary approval steps now. You will be notified when it has been approved/declined”.

Please note that you may review the status of your request by hovering over the “Requests” option and clicking on the “awaiting approval” or the “pending” options.

Also, note, there are plenty of help videos and knowledge base information in the MLS software that you can access. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a question mark symbol. Click on that symbol. Then, you will see a drop-down; click on the "View Support Portal".

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