School Counseling

Nelson County School Counselors work with students, families, teachers, and administrators by providing a comprehensive and developmentally age-appropriate school counseling program that is aligned with the Virginia State Standards and ASCA National Model to support the academic, career, and personal/social development experiences that enhance school success, promote lifelong learning, and prepare students to become contributing citizens in society. The educational focus involves the knowledge of academic abilities and educational needs and interests. The personal/social involves the development of an awareness of self and others. The career domain involves the understanding of present and future life roles. These objectives are implemented through developmentally appropriate activities ranging from classroom activities; individual counseling; consultation with parents/guardians, and school personnel; and coordination with community agencies.

Some of the basic school counselor responsibilities include providing counseling to students and support for parents, assisting with behavioral management and training when needed, providing support for teachers with regard to students and their emotional issues, providing crisis intervention and threat evaluation, scheduling students, and helping to coordinate state testing.

Individual Counseling:  Targets specific and individualized student needs in the areas of academics, social situations, and emotional support.  This can be upon the request of the student, parent, or school personnel.

Group Counseling:  Targets personal growth and needs as well as to gain support from peers with similar situations/experiences. Group arrangements are typically made through counselor, parent, and teacher referrals. Topics are based on student needs.

Nelson County Public Schools promotes open communication and collaboration with families.  Please contact your child’s counselor if you would like strategies or materials to support your child in your home.  At any time, parents have the right to opt their child out of individual or group therapy sessions.  Please contact your child’s school counselor to opt your child out of services or for questions and concerns.

School-Based Contacts

Ashley Bryant, School Counselor
Tye River Elementary School
Email Ashley Bryant

Bethany Caldwell, School Counselor
Rockfish River Elementary School
Email Bethany Caldwell

Ricki Perry, School Counselor
Nelson Middle School
Email Ricki Perry

Marin Tettelbach, School Counselor
Nelson Middle and High School, Grades 8 and 9
Email Marin Tettelbach

Shamane Day, Guidance Director
Nelson County High School
Email Shamane Day

Zack Wingate, School Counselor
Nelson County High School
Email Zack Wingate

Brooke Berry, Registrar and Secretary
Nelson County High School
Email Brooke Berry

Jeannette Kinde, GRASP and Financial Aide Advisor
Nelson County High School
Email Jeannette Kinde

Additional Services

  • Consultation with teachers and parents

  • Meetings (IEP, 504, Child Study)

  • Testing-Test Preparation

  • Crisis Intervention

  • College Advising and Recommendations

  • Evaluating Transcripts and SOLs

  • Program Planning, Schedule Adjustments

  • New Student Registration

  • Communication with Parents

  • Special Programs Coordinated through the NCHS Counseling Office:
    1. Upward Bound
    2. Project Discovery
    3. Blue Ridge Virtual Governors School
    4. PVCC Associates Degree/Certificate