Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department

The instructional department works with teachers, administrators, and other departments to improve student outcomes. Directors and Supervisors work with school and division staff to develop curricula, provide materials and instructional resources, support innovative instructional practices, and implement professional development.

This department works with administration, teachers, and parents in handling the responsibilities below:

  • Academic standards and annual assessments of student achievement

  • Blue Ridge Virginia Governor's School (BRVGS)

  • Division Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

  • Enrollment procedures

  • ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)

  • Federal programs

  • Pacing Guides

  • Professional development

  • Regular, gifted, and remedial education

  • Summer programs (summer school, summer enrichment)

  • Textbook adoptions

  • Virginia Standards of Learning information

  • Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)

Parental Notification of Instructional Materials

In compliance with Code of Virginia Section 2.2-2827, the instructional material listed below is considered “sexually explicit instructional material” as defined in Virginia Code §18.2-390.  Library materials are considered instructional materials when used (i) for completion of an assignment, or (ii) as part of an academic or extracurricular educational program. This includes any division, school, and/or classroom purchased or created assessments. However, the phrases “instructional material” and “instructional materials” do not include standardized national or state assessments, such ACT, SAT, NAEP, and AP or SOL exams.