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Central District - Board Member Vacancy Announcement
The Nelson County School Board Central District seat is currently vacant. The School Board invites anyone who is interested in serving in this capacity to let their intentions be known by completing an application. Applications need to be received no later than 3:00 PM FRIDAY, August 23, 2019. Please see below for more information regarding this vacancy:
  • Thank you, Angela Baker, for this gorgeous rainbow!
Welcome to Nelson County Public Schools
Our VISION: Empowering generations through excellence in education

Our MISSION: We educate students to become skilled, responsible, productive, and enlightened citizens who contribute to society

* Learning for all
* Maintaining an environment conducive to learning
* Supporting communication, collaboration, and teamwork
* Using the growth and learning process as a critical component of our organization
* Teaching the importance of mutual respect, character development, and diversity
* Including the community and business as key partners in the educational process
* Maintaining positive and proactive public relations
* Learning is a lifelong process