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Federal Programs

Sandra McKenzie

Director of Federal Programs
434-260-7646 Ext. 1006

Greetings ~
As federal programs director, I work with administrators and teachers to plan and implement many of the federal grants awarded to Nelson County Public Schools through the No Child Left BehindAct.  The programs provide services and teacher training to support Virginia's Standards of Learning and effective instruction for all students.
For more information about any of the programs, please click the link below or contact me at the Nelson County School Administration Office.
Sandra McKenzie

Information about federal programs may be found at the Virginia Department of Education website:  The Nelson County federal programs office administers the following federally funded programs:
  • Title I, Part A                 Improving Basic Programs
  • Title I, Part B                 Reading First
  • Title I, Part C                 Education of Migratory Children
  • Title II, Part A                Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals
  • Title III, Part A               Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient/ Immigrant Students
  • Title IV, Part A               Safe and Drug-Free Schools
  • Title V, Part A                Innovative Programs

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