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Standards of Learning  (SOL) Assessment requirements

Nelson County Students will participate in the following assessments as required by the Virginia Department of Education.  

Grades 3 - 8 students participate in the following state assessments

  • Grade 3:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, and local assessment in history and science

  • Grade 4:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, and VA Studies

  • Grade 5:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, Science SOL, and local writing assessment

  • Grade 6:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, and local US History I assessment

  • Grade 7:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, and local US History II assessment.  See note below.

  • Grade 8:  Reading SOL, Math SOL, Science SOL, Civics & Economics SOL, and Writing SOL

High School students participate in state assessments that are associated with certain classed in which they are enrolled.  The classes with an associated SOL test are as follows:

  • English 11 - Reading, English 11 - Writing,

  • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,

  • Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,

  • World Geography, World History I, World History II, and VA US History.

Note:  Starting with students entering the ninth grade in fall 2018, only SOL tests needed for a student to receive verified credit towards graduation will be required.  Students who entered High School before fall 2018 will continue to taking the state assessment associated with each of the classes above when they are enrolled in that course.

Alternative Assessments

Students with Disabilities will participate in either the state assessments listed above or in state approved portfolio assessments according to the student’s Individual Education Plan.  Students with disabilities are expected to participate in all assessments as their peers.

Language Acquisition Assessment for English Learners

The Virginia Department of Education also requires all English Language learners to participate in an annual language assessment, called WIDA Access assessment.

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