Special Education Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

What is the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)?

  • The Special Education Advisory Committee, or SEAC, is made up of a group of parents, teachers, and interested individuals.
  • SEAC assists Nelson County Public schools by identifying and addressing the needs of children with disabilities in special education programs across the division.

SEAC Responsibilities:

  • Provide advice concerning unmet needs in the education of children with disabilities in Nelson County
  • Assist in the formulation and development of long-range plans which will provide services needed for children with disabilities

*Participate in the development of priorities and strategies for meeting the identified needs of children with disabilities

  • Submit periodic reports and recommendations regarding the education of children with disabilities to the Superintendent for transmission to the School Board
  • Assist in interpreting plans to the community for meeting the needs of children with disabilities for educational services
  • Review the special education annual plan and the application for federal funding prior to submission by the Superintendent to the School Board

How can SEAC help me?

  • The purpose of the committee is to bring concerns from fellow parents to the attention of the Director of Special Education and to advise the School Board through the Superintendent about Special Education issues. SEAC meets throughout the school year, consulting with the Director of Special Education.
  • SEAC can help you better understand how to work with the school division to improve special education services in our schools by providing the division with advice as to how they can meet the needs of students with disabilities.
  • SEAC offers a way to network with other parents and get to know central office personnel. Generally, the first part of each meeting consists of presentations by the special education administrative staff on issues requested by school representatives. The second part is usually dedicated to the review of School Board meetings, raising issues for discussion, and parent networking.

If you have questions about why or how your child’s services are provided, your representative can help you get an answer. If needs are not being met, your representative can find out if it is a widespread problem and will work with other parent representatives to fix it. If you want to voice a concern, or just need a friendly ear, please contact your school’s SEAC member.

To the parents of children with disabilities…you are not alone!

The Nelson County Special Education Advisory Committee meets at least once quarterly. Exact meeting places and times are available on the NCPS website.