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NCPS Foundation

Nelson County Public Schools Foundation


The Nelson County Public Schools Foundation was established in 2010 by the Nelson County School Board as a committee-advised fund with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation.  The sole purpose of the NCPSF is to raise and distribute funds that support and enhance the activities and programs of Nelson County Public Schools.


  • A public school system in Nelson County that is free of budgetary limitations and

  • Schools that offer all students a broad spectrum of opportunities that enrich their educational experience and lives.


An endowment fund was established that can support our public schools now and into the future.  The baseline goal is to support, expand and enhance:

  • Educational programming for NCPS students

  • Professional development opportunities for teachers and staff

  • Work of organizations that support NCPS extracurricular activities such as arts, athletics and clubs

  • Scholarship opportunities for NCPS students

  • Creativity and resourcefulness of classroom teachers

Committee Members

The NCPSF Advisory Committee consists of a minimum of five members who currently are:

  • President - Margaret Clair

  • NCPS Board Trustee - Dave Francis

  • NCPS Superintendent Designee - Shannon Irvin

  • NCPS Booster Club President - Tom Saunders

  • Two at large members - Peter Coy and Anthony Martin

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