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Welcome to the Maintenance Department

about 1 month ago

Thanks for stopping by!

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep of all Nelson County Public School buildings and grounds.

Tim Rutherford Maintenance Supervisor

Phone: (434) 263-5095


Tim Rutherford

AHERA - Asbestos Hazard Emergence Response Act

School Division Responsibilities -


Annual Notification to parents, teachers and employee organizations:  

Tye River Elementary, Rockfish River Elementary and Nelson Middle Schools were built after 1988 and are Asbestos Free.  The Administration and Science Wing of Nelson County High School, built in 2003, is also asbestos free.  The CTE Wing and Academic Wings of Nelson County High School have had extensive Asbestos Abatement Projects completed and are re-inspected on a periodic basis to ensure safety of all building occupants. 


about 1 month ago

Left to Right:
Jeff Campbell - Maintenance Mechanic
Larry Hughes - Maintenance Foreman
Gini Fitzgerald - Secretary
Tim Rutherford - Maintenance Supervisor
Kenneth Stevens - Maintenance Mechanic
Les Campbell - Custodial Supervisor/Energy Manager
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