NCS Mentor for Virginia

The Virginia Department of Education is pleased to announce the statewide availability of the Web-based version of NCS Mentor for Virginia, a training tool designed to help Virginia’s teachers prepare students for the English Standards of Learning Direct Writing Assessment. Developed by the Virginia Department of Education and Pearson Educational Measurement, this program provides practice-scoring opportunities with sets of papers written by Virginia students.  Participants will be able to score papers in verification sets and view scoring based on Virginia’s three-domain scoring model. Teachers will gain better understanding of the Virginia Standards of Learning Direct Writing Assessments for grade 5, grade 8, and end-of-course, understand the use of rubrics in scoring student writing, and develop consistency in scoring actual student work.  Teachers may also use this program with students to facilitate their understanding of the expectations in each of the domains.

This program will provide an opportunity to study anchor papers that illustrate each score point of each domain and promote understanding of the differences between score points.

  • From the Welcome to NCS Mentor™ for Virginia, under new User, use the key word “Virginia” which will take you to the NCS Mentor™ Create Profile page.

  • From here, you will create your own user name and password to be used each subsequent time you log in.

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